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William Sears

William Sears (March 28, 1911 – March 25, 1992) was a Hand of the Cause of God, writer and a popular television and radio personality. In 2010, he was honored at the Dawn Breakers International Film Festival for achieving excellence as a professional media personality.[1]

Personal life[edit]

Sears was married twice and had two children. His first wife, Kathleen Sears, died, leaving him with two children whom his second wife Marguerite Reimer Sears raised. Marguerite also introduced him to the Baha'i Faith and has written a book about his life.

As a Baha'i[edit]

Sears heard about the Baha'i Faith from his wife before they married. He researched the religion while they were married and became a Baha'i few years later. When Baha'is were called to pioneer around the world, Sears with his wife and two children pioneered to Africa where they stayed for about ten years. Sears was appointed a Hand of the Cause by Shoghi Effendi in the last contingent of Hands prior to his death in 1957.

Professional life[edit]

Sears was a United States television and radio personality. He started as a sport broadcaster and was at the top of his career when he left the business to pioneer to Africa.

He hosted a popular television show "In The Park" that ran from 1951-1953.[2]



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Philadelphia - WCAU Radio - sportscaster





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