William Starling Sullivant

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Sullivant in 1864.

William Starling Sullivant (January 15, 1803 in Franklinton (today Columbus, Ohio) – April 30, 1873 in Columbus, Ohio) was a US bryologist.

He was the son of Lucas Sullivant and Sarah Starling. He studied at Ohio University at Athens, Ohio. He made Bachelor of Arts in 1823 at Yale.[1]

Sullivant became the leading expert on mosses and liverworts of his time. Many bryophyte species he discovered carry the abbreviation Sulliv. after their Latin name.

He married three times: Jane Marshall in 1824, Eliza Griscom Wheeler in 1834 and Caroline Eudora Sutton in 1851. His son, T. S. Sullivant, was the influential cartoonist published in Life and other magazines.


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