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William Walond (c.1755 - 9 February 1836)[1] was an English organist, and the last Organist of Chichester Cathedral before the post was merged with 'Master of the Choristers' in 1801.


Walond graduated from Christ Church, Oxford in 1757, after four years as Assistant Organist of Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford. He became the third of Thomas Capell's Deputy Organists at Chichester Cathedral, following Richard Hall and Thomas Tremain. He succeeded Capell following his death in 1776. Walond resigned the role of Master of the Choristers in 1794, and passed it to a Lay Vicar, Thomas Barber, who was paid by Walond out of his own salary.

During Walond's Organistship at Chichester, additions were made to the Cathedral organ by Thomas Knight, including the provision of the third manual (swell organ).[2]

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Cultural offices
Preceded by
Thomas Capell
of Chichester Cathedral

1776 - 1801
Succeeded by
James Target
(Organist and Master of the Choristers)
Preceded by
Thomas Tremain
Master of the Choristers
of Chichester Cathedral

1775 - 1794
Succeeded by
Thomas Barber
Deputy Organist
of Chichester Cathedral

Succeeded by