William de Braose (bishop)

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William de Braose (died 1287) was a Bishop of Llandaff, now in modern day Cardiff, Wales.

Dynastic Family Background[edit]

A younger member of great, long lived and at times very powerful de Braose family dynasty of Norman and medieval English Marcher Lords, holding key posts and vital Lordships in the Welsh Marches of South Wales, this William de Braose was destined for a life in the Church.

Bishop of Llandaff[edit]

He procured the diocese of Llandaff in 1266, being consecrated on 23 May in that year.

Little is known of his episcopacy, but he is believed to have been the builder of the Lady Chapel at Llandaff Cathedral.


His effigial monument, erected after his death on 19 March 1287, may still be seen there.

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