William of Winchester, Lord of Lüneburg

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William of Winchester.

William (11 April 1184, Winchester – 13 December 1213), called William of Winchester, William Longsword, or William of Lüneburg,[1] was the fifth and youngest son of Duke Henry the Lion and Matilda of England, Duchess of Saxony, the eldest daughter of Henry II of England.[2]

William was born in England during his father's exile; he remained there when Henry returned to Saxony and was raised at Richard I of England's court. When Henry died in 1195, William inherited Henry's properties around Lüneburg, near Lauenburg, and in the eastern Harz.

In 1202, William married Helena, daughter of Valdemar I of Denmark.[1] Their only child was Otto (1204–1252),[1] who inherited his father's property and became the first Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg.



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