Williams Fork Reservoir

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Williams Fork Reservoir
Location Grand County, Colorado,
United States
Coordinates 40°00′55″N 106°12′37″W / 40.01528°N 106.21028°W / 40.01528; -106.21028Coordinates: 40°00′55″N 106°12′37″W / 40.01528°N 106.21028°W / 40.01528; -106.21028
Type reservoir
Basin countries United States
Surface elevation 7,811 ft (2,381 m)

Williams Fork Reservoir, located near the town of Parshall in Grand County, Colorado, is owned and operated by Denver Water.


When the reservoir is full, its elevation is 7,811 feet (2,381 m). With a 15.8 miles (25.4 km) shoreline, the reservoir's surface area is 1,860 acres.[1]

Williams Fork Dam and Power Plant[edit]

The Williams Fork Dam and Power Plant, completed in 1959, provides electricity and water to the Western Slope or Denver metropolitan area in Colorado. It's a concrete dam, 217 feet high and with a length of 600 feet at its crest. The reservoir impounds about 97,000 acre feet of water (one acre foot=325,851 gallons), and the power plant contains a 3,158-kilowatt generator.[1]

Recreactional Activities[edit]

Water based activities include motor boating, fishing, ice fishing and wind surfing. The lake is stocked for fishing by the Colorado Division of Wildlife. Tent, trailer and recreational vehicle (RV)camping and picnic sites are available.[1]

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