Williamstown Racecourse railway station

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Williamstown Racecourse
Looking north from the station site, Altona line to the left and stanchion bases to the right
Station statistics
Coordinates 37°51′20″S 144°51′7″E / 37.85556°S 144.85194°E / -37.85556; 144.85194Coordinates: 37°51′20″S 144°51′7″E / 37.85556°S 144.85194°E / -37.85556; 144.85194
Line(s) Werribee
Platforms 2
Tracks 1
Other information
Opened 1885
Closed 1950
Station status Closed

Williamstown Racecourse is a demolished station on the former Altona railway line, which now forms part of the Werribee railway line in Melbourne, Australia. It was located south of the Kororoit Creek Road level crossing in the suburb of Altona but north of the creek.


The station was opened as the terminus of a 1.1 km branch from the main Geelong line, serving the Williamstown Racecourse across the creek. The railway line was extended by a private company in 1888 to Altona, leaving the station yard on the western side. The station consisted of an island platform, signal box, run around roads, and a number of sidings. Overhead wiring was commissioned in 1920 as part of the suburban electrification project. The racecourse was closed after World War II but the overhead equipment remained until 1950. Today the remains of a few stanchion bases can be seen beside the current line to Altona.


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