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Willie Loomis is a fictional character on the ABC-TV gothic horror soap opera, Dark Shadows, which aired from 1966 until 1971. The character was first played by actor James Hall for a total of four episodes, who was subsequently replaced by John Karlen beginning with episode #206. Karlen continued to play the role of Willie Loomis for the remainder of the series. He appeared as Willie Loomis in a total of 106 episodes.

Willie Loomis originally came to Collinsport to help out his friend Jason McGuire in a scheme to blackmail Elizabeth Collins Stoddard into marriage. Willie became impatient with Jason upon learning of a secret cache of pirate treasure supposedly buried with Naomi Collins and decided to rob her grave. In the attempt, he accidentally released the vampire, Barnabas Collins, from his secret crypt. Barnabas used his powers of mesmerism to enslave Willie. Willie was shot trying to warn Maggie Evans that Barnabas was coming to kill her and hospitalized for some time. However; Willie eventually recovered and returned to Barnabas' employ where he became very protective of Barnabas and vice versa.

Parallel Time[edit]

In the 1970 parallel time sequence, William Loomis was an author who married Carolyn Stoddard and lived in The Old House. He discovered Barnabas, who was time traveling, and held him prisoner in order to get his story. William died, pushed out of The Tower window by Roger Collins, driven insane by the return of late-wife, Angelique Collins, whom he had murdered over a year prior.

Revival Series[edit]

Willie Loomis was the son of servant Mrs. Johnson. He was played by Jim Fyfe.