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Willy Brokamp in 1973

Willy Brokamp (Kerkrade, 25 February 1946) is a former footballplayer For MVV Maastricht in the 1960s and 1970s who recruited him from RKVV Chèvremont (in the community of Kerkrade). His nickname was “The blond arrow”.

He ranked high in the Footballplayer of the Year classification for several times. In 1973 he shared the first place on the list of top scorers with 18 goals together with Cas Janssens.

In 1974 he made a transfer to Ajax Amsterdam, where he himself had 2 very good seasons (1974/1975, 1975/1976) (without him Ajax would have sunk deeper that period). He also played 6 games for the Dutch national team and scored 6 goals.[1]

Brokamp was not only a footballplayer. Already during his football career he started his own bar. For many years he was manager of the bar “Aux Pays-Bas” next to the Vrijthof and several other establishments in Maastricht.

He currently lives in Kanne, Belgium near Maastricht.[2] Since 1999, he also owns a bar there, named In Kanne en Kruike.


RKVV Chèvremont
MVV Maastricht
AFC Ajax Amsterdam


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