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Born on January 29, 1967 William Bernard Wise was born in Onancock, Virginia but partially reared Westbury, New York, Wise rose through the amateur ranks in Virginia and was at one point 13-0 internationally.

By age 16, the young amateur was the Tidewater Welterweight Champion in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area. He later took the Virginia State Golden Gloves. In 1985, he returned to New York and subsequently became the 1987 Champion of the Mayor's Cup in Washington, DC, the Spanish Cup and the New York State Golden Gloves. He also took the New York State title in the same year, ending his amateur career with an 87-10 record.

Shortly after entering the ranks of professional fighting, "Slick Willy" was given to him by his New York fans as a tribute to his ability to fight his way off of the ropes. One of the high points of his career was the October 1999 win over then number five ranked Julio César Chávez. It was "Upset of the Year" He later lost to him in a 2003 Tijuana re-match.[1]

In the year 2000, he took IBO World Champion Belt which was one of the final highlights of his boxing career, and also fought Shane Mosley with a loss in the third round. His boxing career ended in 2003 with a 26-7-4 professional record.

Today Wise trains and promotes other fighters at his training facility, allowing troubled youth and aspiring boxers to attend his residential training camp to teach them the lessons of boxing and discipline for life in and outside the ring.[2] He also works closely with young people in the local community near his home, using his own resources to take them to boxing competitions around the country. He currently resides on the Eastern Shore of Virginia where he enjoys his favorite pastime of fishing for crabs off of the pier of his beachfront backyard and cooking them for sport.[3][4]

Titles in pretence
Title last held by
Peter Malinga
World Welterweight Champion
IBO recognition

December 2, 2000 - June 11, 2001
Succeeded by
Jawaid Khaliq
Ivan Robinson W10 Arturo Gatti I
The Ring Magazine Upset of the Year
W10 Julio César Chávez

José Luis Castillo W12 Stevie Johnston


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