Willys FAMAE Corvo

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Famae Corvo 2.2 4x4 Prototype (1975).jpg
Manufacturer FAMAE / Willys
Production 1
Body and chassis
Class Attack Vehicle
Related Willys MB
Successor None

The Willys FAMAE Corvo was an off road multi purpose vehicle intended for use with the Chilean Armed Forces. Its chassis was originally from a Willys MB and was capable of carrying various types of mounted weapons such as a 106mm recoilless anti-tank launcher.

It was designed in 1977 by Fábricas y Meastranzas del Ejército (FAMAE), to address the shortage of military equipment in the country at this time. Unfortunately only a single prototype was produced for testing, which ended up for many years forgotten in a barn, after undergoing trials in desert conditions for several months.

A sales engineer, René Inostroza acquired and restored it. It has since been put on sale at a price of 2.5 million pesos.

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