Willys Go Devil engine

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For a logging sled, see Go-devil.
Willys MB (Bild 6 2008-06-14) Motor.JPG
Manufacturer Willys
Combustion chamber
Displacement 134.22 CID (2199.53 cc)
Cylinder bore 3.125 in (79.4 mm)
Piston stroke 4.375 in (111.1 mm)
Cylinder block alloy Iron
Cylinder head alloy Iron
Valvetrain L-head
Compression ratio 6.48:1
Fuel system 1-barrel carburetor
Fuel type Gasoline
Cooling system Water-cooled
Power output 60 hp (45 kW)
Specific power 0.45 hp/CID
Torque output 105 lb·ft (142 N·m)
Successor Willys Hurricane engine

The Willys L134 (nicknamed Go Devil) was a straight-4 automobile engine made famous in the Willys MB Jeep produced in World War II. The engine displaced 134.22 cu in (2,199.5 cc) with a 3.125 in (79.4 mm) bore and 4.375 in (111.1 mm) stroke, a very undersquare design. It was an L-head design, with valves parallel to the cylinders. Initial power output was 60 hp (45 kW) at 4000 rpm and 105 lb·ft (142 N·m) at 2000 rpm with 6.48:1 compression.

The L134 was phased out by the F-head Willys Hurricane engine beginning in 1950.