Wilma Glacier

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Wilma Glacier
Mount Elkins Map.jpg
Map of Antarctica indicating location of Wilma Glacier
Type Mountain glacier
Location Kemp Land, Australian Antarctic Territory, East Antarctica
Coordinates 67°12′00″S 56°00′00″E / 67.20000°S 56.00000°E / -67.20000; 56.00000

Wilma Glacier is the western of two glaciers entering the southern part of Edward VIII Ice Shelf in Kemp Land, Australian Antarctic Territory, East Antarctica. The other (eastern) glacier is Robert Glacier.

Discovery and naming[edit]

Wilma Glacier and Robert Glacier were both seen by an ANARE (Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions) party led by Robert E. Dovers in November 1954. Dovers, accompanied by G. Schwartz, was carrying out a sledge journey and survey of Edward VIII Bay at the time. Wilma Glacier was named by ANCA for Dovers' wife. Dovers was officer in charge and surveyor at Mawson Station in 1954.[1]

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