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Wimm Bill Dann Foods OJSC
Type Joint stock
Traded as MCXWBDF
Industry Foods and Beverages
Founded (1992)
Headquarters Moscow, Russia
Products Yogurt
Fruit Juice
Soft Drinks
Revenue Decrease US$ 2.18 billion (2009)[1]
Operating income Decrease US$ 0.201 billion (2009)[1]
Net income Decrease US$ 0.117 billion (2009)[1]
Total assets Decrease US$ 1.49 billion (2009)[1]
Total equity Increase US$ 0.703 billion (2009)[1]
Employees 18,485
Website www.wbd.ru

Wimm Bill Dann is one of Europe's largest dairy products companies. The company is headquartered in Moscow, Russia. WBD produces yogurt, milk, flavored milk, fruit juices, and other soft drinks.

Wimm Bill Dann has 30 production sites in 16 cities, from Vladivostok to Kiev, and owns a subsidiary company in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The "About our Company" page on the website describes the company's close ties to Russia's cattle and dairy farms. The company's management is both Russian and non-Russian. Its stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

PepsiCo Purchase[edit]

On 2 December 2010, PepsiCo agreed to buy 66% of Wimm-Bill-Dann for $3.8 billion.[2] The purchase will be one of the biggest foreign investments yet seen in Russia outside the energy industry.[3]


In response to a decline in the census of dairy cattle in Russia, the company spent US$7 mm in 1999 to modernize its suppliers' milking and refrigeration equipment, using state-of-the art Swedish technology.

Wimm Bill Dann holds a 34% share in all dairy products in Russia, and a 20% share of the fruit drink market.


WBD has a portfolio of over 1,000 different types of yogurt and dairy drinks, and 150 types of fruit juices and fruit drinks. Its most recognized brands are "J7", "100 % Gold Premium", "Favourite Garden" (Russian: "Любимый сад"), "House in a village" (Russian: "Домик в деревне"), "Jolly Milkman" (Russian: "Весёлый молочник"), and "Agousha" (Russian: "Агуша").

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