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Developer(s) PC SOFT
Initial release Version 19, ref 01A190056s
Written in WLanguage
Operating system Windows, Linux, .Net et Java
Available in English, French and Chinese
Type Integrated Development Environment
License Proprietary
Website PCSoft Official English Website

WinDev is an integrated development environment (IDE) fourth generation language (4GL), first published by PC SOFT in 1993, which is based upon a run-time engine (framework). It uses a 4GL known as WLanguage. The tools enables a predetermined set of standard forms and algorithms to be used in an automated fashion to generate applications (RAD).

The source code is precompiled and interpreted at run time like Visual Basic, Java or C#. This makes the executable program independent from the operating system and allows dynamic compilation as well as instant testing during development. WinDev was originally conceived as a CASE tool for writing Windows applications. Since version 16, WinDev can be used for writing native Linux applications.

WinDev is a development environment aimed at rapid development of data-centric applications. Its integrated set of editors allow development of prototypes that can then be converted into full-fledged applications. WinDev can generate applications in Java along with standard applications or applications for the .NET platform. It supports procedural as well as object-oriented programming paradigms.

Its companion products, WebDev and WinDev Mobile, share the same concepts as well as the same programming language (WLanguage). They respectively are used for building web sites and applications for mobile devices (Smartphones, Pocket PC, tablets, industrial devices, etc.) The same source code may be used to build applications that will run on different platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, etc.).

WinDev offers a number of control centers where developers can manage source code (check-in/checkout, versioning), track bugs, set QA tests, and so on.

WinDev comes with its own integrated DBMS, HFSQL, but also supports most commercial databases through ODBC, OLE DB or native access. The HFSQL database is fully scalable from embedded to windows and Linux hosted HyperSQL servers to clustered servers.

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