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WinImage screenshot.png
WinImage 8.50
Developer(s) Gilles Vollant
Stable release 9.00 / April 23, 2013; 21 months ago (2013-04-23)
Development status Active
Operating system Windows 2000 or later
Platform IA-32, x64, IA-64
Available in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese
License Shareware

WinImage is a disk imaging utility for Microsoft Windows created by Gilles Vollant Software. Its features include creating, reading and editing disk images and also opening VMware and Microsoft Virtual PC hard disk images. WinImage is able to mount an ISO image using the freeware FileDisk driver.

Even though it has been a 32-bit program from its beginnings, it utilized the Win32s system API, so it could run on Windows 3.x. The last version of WinImage to run on Windows 3.x is version 6.1.

Some versions of WinImage bundle FileDisk, a disc emulator.

Format support[edit]

WinImage supports the following disk image formats and file systems:

File formats File systems

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