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windPRO is wind energy software used to model wind farms. Users are able to design wind farms, including wind turbine layout and electrical design. Energy production, turbine noise levels, turbine wake losses, and turbine suitability can be calculated. WindPro uses wind flow modeling inputs from WAsP or CFD software. windPro is developed by the Danish energy consultant EMD International A/S. windPRO is trusted by investment banks to create wind energy assessments used to determine financing for proposed wind farms.

WindPRO can optimize a wind farm layout for energy production given turbine spacing, setback distances, noise level and visual constraints.[1] It can also be used to create photomontages in which simulated turbines are overlaid on a photo of a wind farm site, to show what a proposed wind farm would look like if constructed.


windPRO was first developed over 20 years ago by EMD International A/S.

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