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Tihuţa Pass wind turbine

Wind power in Romania reached in 2012 an installed capacity of 1905 MW,[1] up from the 14 MW installed capacity in 2009.[2] Romania has the highest wind potential in South Eastern Europe of 14,000 MW; in 2009 investors already had connection requests of 12,000 MW and the national electricity transport company Transelectrica offered permits for 2,200 MW.[3] A study of Erste Bank places Romania and especially the Dobrogea Region with Constanţa and Tulcea counties as the second best place in Europe to construct wind farms due to its large wind potential.[4] Another study made by the Romanian Energy Institute (REI) said that wind farms could contribute with 13 GW to the national power generation capacity by 2020, and between 2009 and 2017 total wind farm capacity will comprise 4,000 MW with investments of US$ 5.6 billion.[4]

Installed capacity growth[edit]

Wind power in Romania[5]
Year MW GWh
2013 2732[6]
2012 1905[1]
2011 982[7]
2010 462
2009 14.1
2008 3

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