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Windows Live Search Center
A screenshot of Windows Live Search Center
Windows Live Search Center before it was rebranded
Developer(s) Microsoft
Preview release Beta (Build
Type Desktop search

Windows Live Search Center (also previously referred to as Windows Live Search, codenamed Casino or OneView) was a proposed desktop search program from Microsoft's Windows Live division. Based on a Windows Desktop Search platform in Windows XP and the Windows Search (Instant Search) platform in Windows Vista, it was planned to provide unified local and remote indexed search[1] from a unified interface. Early screenshots of the program seen that it featured the new "flair" interface design seen in other Windows Live client applications such as Windows Live Messenger and Windows Live Mail.

Windows Live Search Center could search web services which uses OpenSearch specification to make available the search results as a web feed.[2] It could aggregate searches from various indexes including the WDS index, Windows RSS Platform common feed store, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SharePoint indexes among others.[3] However, in December 2006, it has been reported that Windows Live Search Center will be rebranded as Windows Search 4. It will not be part of Microsoft's Windows Live services, rather be merged with the desktop search platform in Windows and be released as the successor to it.[1]

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