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Windows Live Shopping
The Windows Live Shopping logo.
A screenshot of Windows Live Shopping homepage
Windows Live Shopping homepage
Developer(s) Microsoft
Type Online Shop, Product Comparison

Windows Live Shopping was a shopping website, part of Microsoft's Windows Live range of services. It was built on AJAX technology, and was fully customizable. It featured 40 million products from more than 7000 online stores, and allowed users to compare items and prices.[1] Additionally, it supported features such as tagging, wish lists, and viewing larger images on hover over.

Windows Live Shopping was rebranded as MSN Shopping, although many of the more advanced features available on Windows Live Shopping were not immediately available on its replacement. MSN Shopping was itself replaced by Bing Shopping, which was ultimately closed.


Built entirely on AJAX technology, Windows Live Shopping had many social and community features. In addition to a retail shopping website, it featured:

  • Drag-and-drop items to a shopping list
  • Share lists with other users
  • Product and seller reviews
  • Public shopping guides with Windows Live Shopping Guides
  • Enhanced preview

MSN Shopping[edit]

Main article: MSN Shopping

As of February 20, 2007, Windows Live Shopping beta has been officially rebranded as MSN Shopping. Part of the reason for this decision is to reduce the number of shopping services Microsoft currently offer, which includes MSN Shopping, Windows Live Expo and Live Product Search. Microsoft's spokesperson stated that the beta testing was intended to obtain an insight into user behavior and these data will be incorporated into plans for future products. It was stated that user-created content from Windows Live Shopping beta (lists, guides, and reviews) will continue to be available on MSN Shopping.[2]

As a result of this rebranding, Windows Live Shopping Guides, which was part of Windows Live Shopping, has been discontinued.

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