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Windows App Studio
Windows logo and wordmark - 2012.svg
Developer(s) Microsoft
Written in XAML, .NET
Operating system Web-based application
Platform Windows Phone, Microsoft Windows
Available in English
Type Application software development

Windows App Studio, formerly Windows Phone App Studio is a web application provided by Microsoft for Windows Store and Windows Phone Store development.[1][2]

It allows newcomers to computer programming to create software applications for the Windows and Windows Phone operating system (OS).[3] It uses a graphical interface, allowing users to create an application that can run on Windows Phone and Windows devices with little experience, and concentrates primarily on apps for websites and content streams.[4] It also allows users to download the source code of the applications for further edits in Visual Studio.[5] The Windows App Studio supports TouchDevelop,[6][7] and can be used to develop universal applications.[8][9] Some of its features includes a Logo and Image Wizard, customizable theme templates, and can collect content from sites such as YouTube, Flickr and Facebook.[10][11] The service works only for those with a Microsoft account and is completely free of charge.[12]

On May 27th, 2015 Microsoft added support for Windows 10 applications and included new features such as live tile updatability, Xbox Music Data Sourcing, Bing Maps, and analytics for applications concerning how often an application gets open, crashes, and is used by users who have installed it.[13]

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