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Windsor Raceway was a standardbred harness racing track located in Windsor, Ontario. The track is 5/8 of a mile in length. The facility closed August 31, 2012.[1]

The inaugural race took place on October 22, 1965, with Castle Direct driven by Fred Roloson, the first horse to ever cross the line with a time of 2:10.

Opening day attendance - 5,136 persons. $194.204 total wagers.

Founders were Lawerence LoPatin and Al Siegel. Underwriter was Armstrong Jones and Company Thomas W Itin CEO. Oct 1964

$3,150,000 offering

Total cost was approximately $7,000,000..equity and debt arranged for by Thomas W Itin

Windsor Raceway has never had a loss year.

The track served both the thoroughbred and standard bred interests until the late seventies when the track was upgraded from a relatively flat tartan surface to the banked corner, spiral graded limestone surface.[2]


Coordinates: 42°16′57″N 83°01′59″W / 42.282580°N 83.033048°W / 42.282580; -83.033048