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Windsor for the Derby are an American post-rock band based in Austin, Texas, whose members are originally from Tampa, Florida.

Their debut album was released in 1996 on Trance Syndicate, and was produced by Adam Wiltzie, who then joined the group after the release of the album. In 1999 they released a full length record, Difference and Repetition on Michael Gira's Young God Records, including a 7-inch single on Western Vinyl. A collection of B-sides entitled Earnest Powers followed in 2002, after some lineup changes. Bandmembers McNeely and Matz then moved to Philadelphia, eventually signing to Secretly Canadian, where they have released their last several albums.

Their 2004 song, "The Melody of a Fallen Tree," appeared in Sofia Coppola's 2006 movie Marie Antoinette.


  • Jason McNeely
  • Dan Matz
  • Christian Goyer
  • Tim White
  • Ben Cissner
  • Greg Anderson
  • Karl Bauer
  • Adam Wiltzie
  • Alan Schaefer
  • Gianmarco Cilli


  1. Calm Hades Float - 1996, Trance Syndicate
  2. Metropolitan Then Poland EP - 1997, Trance Syndicate
  3. Minnie Greutzfeldt - 1997, Trance Syndicate
  4. Difference and Repetition - 1999, Young God Records
  5. The Emotional Rescue LP - 2002, Aesthetic Records
  6. Earnest Powers - 2002, Emperor Jones Records
  7. We Fight Til Death - 2004, Secretly Canadian
  8. Giving Up the Ghost - 2005, Secretly Canadian
  9. How We Lost LP - 2007, Secretly Canadian
  10. Against Love LP - 2010, Secretly Canadian

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