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Wing Records was a record label subsidiary of Mercury Records, founded in 1955,[1] that enjoyed its greatest success during the late 50s. In 1986, the label was revived by Mercury's parent company PolyGram[2] and, just before its final fade, the label enjoyed a brief success with then new R&B singers Vanessa Williams, Female R&B trio Lace, R&B band Tony, Toni, Tone, brother-sister duo Channel 2, and Brian McKnight.

Artist Jerry Murad (Harmonicat), was on Wing records soon after quitting Vitacoustic records in 1948. Brian McKnight was signed to Wing in 1989, but the album he recorded (which was his 1992 self-titled debut) was not released on the label. Instead, it was issued on Mercury.

In 1996, Wing was closed out, and all of its remaining artists (Vanessa Williams & Tony Toni Tone) were moved to Mercury.


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