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Flagship restaurant in Yuen Long

Wing Wah (Chinese: 榮華) is a Hong Kong based restaurant chain and food manufacturer. The parent company of Wing Wah is Wing Wah Food Manufactory Limited (榮華食品製造業有限公司). Their many products include Chinese sausage, cakes, and teas. However, their most famous and popular product is mooncakes.


The company was first established in 1950 by Lau Pui Ling 劉培齡 and 趙聿修. The Wing Wah restaurant started trading in a four-storey building in Yuen Long which included a retail shop which sold its mooncakes etc. The business incorporated in 1962. In 1963, it launched a new mooncake made from white lotus paste. The Wanchai branch was opened in 1967, and a larger restaurant was opened in Yuen Long in 1975.

The retail side of the business has grown, with branches all over Hong Kong selling Chinese sausage, cakes, and teas. In the 1990s, the company built the eponymous Wing Wah Centre in its home district of Yuen Long, and continued opening shops in high traffic areas such as Hong Kong International Airport, and a multimedia tea museum at Ngong Ping on Lantau.


In 1960's, Hong Kong Wing Wah Cake Shop mainly concentrated on bakery business for improving cakes quality and reorganized into a limited company. Manufacturing plant was established in Hong Kong with the introduction of various kinds of automated production machines to upgrade overall product quality.

In the 1970s’, Wing Wah found its own retail outlets at different locations which includes Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories in order to actively expand and promote it business. Apart from the domestic market, it also started to open up the international market by selling Mooncakes to over 100 major cities in Mainland China, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other Southeast Asian countries.

In the 1980s’, Wing Wah began to only focus on the China market.[1] Until now, Wing Wah moon cakes have reached as far as Inner Mongolia and Harbin.

In late 90s’, Wing Wah was the first Chinese cake shop to open up retail branches at the Hong Kong International Airport for further promotion, so that international customers from different countries can purchase all the products at once.

Brand presentation[edit]

  • High quality of food & Working together with one mind[2]

Nowadays, Wing Wah Cake Shop has been growing to a well-known International food brand from its humble beginning at a corner of Yuen Long. One of the founder, Mr Lau Pui Ling said, "We had been experienced all the changes with Hong Kong for 50 years, and realized that the quality of food is where the support and confidence come from. This is how we form our objectives, which is aimed at producing the good quality and maintain an enthusiastic team spirit across the whole organization."

  • Keep pace with times & Promoting the tradition[3]

In order to spread out the chinese culture with its tradition foods all over the world, Wing Wah Cake Shop opens both oversea mooncake voucher and Order online service. In 1998, the branch launched at the Hong Kong International Airport so that travellers are able to purchase traditional chinese food as a gift for their family. On June, 2006 Wing Wah Cake Shop also set up a Tea house in Ngong Ping Village under Hong Kong Tourism Board for sharing chinese tea and foods.



Based in sharing Chinese culture with a global vision, “Wing Wah” aims to promote tea and cakes with Chinese and Hong Kong characteristics to the whole world. With its motto – top quality to ensure customers "buy with peace of mind and eat with assurance".


Wing Wah Cake Shop commits itself to charitable activities. Since 1989, "community moon cakes" are made every Mid-Autumn Festival to raise money for charity. All funds raised are donated to the Community Chest to help the needy in the society.[4]

Hong Kong Wing Wah Cake Shop has been working with The Community Chest of Hong Kong for 24 years, releasing Charity Mooncakes Voucher. In 2013, they had issued two kinds of Voucher which are the White lotus seed paste mooncakes (2 yolks) and the Icy fantasy ice mooncake. Wing Wah Cake Shop will donate HKD$50 or HKD$40 to The Community Chest of Hong Kong every box of above named mooncakes sold. All donation will be allocated to the 157 members social welfare agencies support by the Chest.[5]


  • Hong Kong Q-Mark (The Federation of Hong Kong Industries)
  • Hong Kong Top Brand Ten Year Achievement Award 2008 (Hong Kong Brand Development Council)
  • The Best Brand Enterprise Award 2006 (Hong Kong Productivity Council)
  • Hong Kong Premier Brand (Hong Kong Brand Development Council)
  • Quality of Tourism Services Scheme (Hong Kong Tourism Board)
  • Golden Award for Food and Beverages 2006 (Trade Leader's Club)
  • International Leadership Star for Quality Award 2007 (Business Initiative Directions)
  • World Quality Commitment Award - International Star Award in the Platinum Category 2007 (Business Initiative Directions)
  • Century International Quality ERA Award in the Diamond Category 2008 (Business Initiative Directions)
  • Outsatnding Corporate Strategy Awards 2007 (Sing Tao Publishing Group and Eastweek Magazine)
  • Monde Selection Award - Gold Medal 2009 (Monde Selection)
  • Hong Kong Classic Brand 2006 (Eastweek Magazine and SingTao Group)
  • ISO 22000 Certification (SGS Hong Kong Limited Systems and Services Certification)
  • HACCP Codex Alimentarius (SGS Hong Kong Limited Systems and Services Certification)


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