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The winged lion is a mythological creature that resembles a lion with bird-like wings.

Mythical adaptions[edit]

The winged lion is found in various forms especially in Ancient and Medieval civilizations.

There were different mythological adaptions for the winged lion:

  • Shedu in Sumerian, Akkadian, Persian, and Iranian tribes mythology was depicted as a winged lion. He has often been depicted with a bull body instead of a lion body.
  • The first beast in the first vision of the Prophet Daniel resembled a winged lion.


The emblems of the winged lions were featured in different countries:

  • The emblem of the Republic of Venice as the heraldic symbol of St. Mark the Evangelist, the patron saint of the Republic.
  • The emblem of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's (NATO) Allied Joint Forces Command Headquarters - Naples in Naples, Italy is a winged lion holding a sword and scroll on which is written "PAX" - Latin for "peace."

Popular culture[edit]

The winged lions were featured in different media appearances:

  • In MÄR, one of Dorothy's ÄRMs is Flying Leo which summons a flying lion.


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