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Winkie Pratney

Winkie Pratney (born 3 August 1944) is a youth communicator, Christian apologist, evangelist, and writer from Auckland, New Zealand. With a mostly teenaged audience, Pratney speaks world wide to over 500,000 annually in churches, universities, high-schools, and Christian-oriented festivals.

Pratney's leadership seminars encourage young people to live a Christian lifestyle. He also facilitates training seminars in conjunction with other Christian organizations such as Campus Life, Champions for Christ, Operation Mobilization, Masters Commission, Youth With A Mission, Young Life, Youth Alive, and Teen Challenge. Pratney also conducts leadership training for youth workers in Europe, North America and the Pacific, and has been involved as an advisor and consultant to church, civic, educational, government and social welfare leaders on the needs and problems of today's teenagers.

Pratney is the author of several books including the most recent Youth Aflame: Manual for Discipleship and Ultimate CORE: Church on the Radical Edge and is one of the primary contributors, along with Dr. Tamara Winslow and Steve Hill, of the Revival Study Bible. Youth With A Mission, one of Pratney's affiliations, has opened the Winkie Pratney Revival Library at its Lindale, Texas location. The library houses the biographies and works of Christian revival leaders John Wesley, Charles Finney and William and Catherine Booth, among others.

After contracting a serious illness in March 2007, rendering him comatose for 18 days and subsequently hospitalized for months in Seoul, South Korea, Pratney returned to Auckland, where he continued rehabilitation and recovery and has now returned to speaking.

On 25 December 2009, Pratney was admitted to Middlemore Hospital in New Zealand with an aneurysm and superbug infection, but later resumed his traveling ministries.


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