Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska

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Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska
Martha gradolf hochunk.jpg
Martha Gradolf, enrolled
tribal member and weaver
Total population
Regions with significant populations
 United States ( Nebraska)
English, Ho-Chunk[2]
traditional tribal religion, Native American Church[3]
Related ethnic groups
other Ho-Chunk people, Otoe, Iowa, and Missouria people[3]

The Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska is one of two federally recognized tribe of Ho-Chunk people. The other Ho-Chunk tribe is the Ho-Chunk Nation of Wisconsin. The name Winnebago comes from an Algonquin term "People of the Filthy Water."[3]


The Winnebago Reservation, established in 1863, is located in Thurston and Dixon Countries, Nebraska and Woodbury County, Iowa.[4] Their entire land base is 27,637 acres large.[1] In 1990, 1,151 tribal members lived on the reservation.[4]


The Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska is headquartered in Winnebago, Nebraska.[5] The tribe is governed by a democratically-elected general council. The current administration is as follows.

  • President: John Blackhawk
  • Vice-Chairman: Darwin Snyder
  • Secretary: Louis C. Houghton Jr.
  • Treasurer: Thomas Snowball Sr.
  • Council Member: Larry Payer
  • Council Member: Travis Mallory
  • Council Member: Charles Aldrich
  • Council Member: Ramona Wolfe
  • Council Member: Morgan Earth[6]


The Winnebago Tribe speaks English and the Ho-Chunk language, which is a Chiwere-Winnebago language, part of the Siouan-Catawban language family.[2]

Economic development[edit]

Lillian St. Cyr, known as Red Wing (1884–1974), a Winnebago actress of the silent film era

Ho-Chunk, Inc. is the tribe's corporation that provides construction services, professional services, and business and consumer products.[7] The Winnebago Tribe also owns and operates the Winna Vegas Casino, hotel, and Flowers Island Restaurant and Buffet, all located in Sloan, Iowa.[8]

Notable tribal members[edit]

  • Joba Chamberlain (b. 1985), Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Angel De Cora (1871–1919), artist, educator, and Indian rights activist
  • Terri Crawford Hansen (b. 1953), journalist
  • Henry Roe Cloud (1884–1950), educator, college administrator, US federal government official, Presbyterian minister, and first fullblood Native American to attend Yale College
  • Lillian St. Cyr, known as Red Wing (1884–1974), a Winnebago actress of the silent film era

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