Winner Takes All (2000 film)

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Winner Takes All
Poster of the movie
Directed by Clifton Ko
Produced by Raymond Wong
Written by Clifton Ko
Raymond Wong
Starring Nicholas Tse
Ruby Lin
Alec Su
Joey Yung
Annie Wu
Sam Hui
Raymond Wong
Distributed by China Star Entertainment Group
Release dates
Running time
91 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese

Winner Takes All (traditional Chinese: 大贏家; pinyin: Da ying jia; Cantonese Yale: Da Ying Gu) is a 2000 Hong Kong film directed by Clifton Ko. This is comedy film for Lunar New Year.

Plot Outline[edit]

Ferrari (Nicholas Tse), is a young swindler. He has been swindling people for money in many situations. One day, a cop nicknamed 'Stupid' (Karl Maka) is about to catch him swindling. He makes a deal with Ferrari to help him catch Master Swindler Wong (Sam Hui), the world's most notorious swindler who is penning his autobiography of his swindling ways. Ferrari runs into Bastardly Sze (Alec Su) who is stalking a rich woman and taking her pictures.

Paulina Wu (Joey Yung)'s father is one of the victims of the Master Castrator Swindler. So she decides to get her father's money back. On her trip, she runs into Bastardly Sze and Ferrari. The three wants swindle the girl, whom they think is Master Swindler Wong's daughter, Wu Sen Kwan (Ruby Lin).

With Wu Sen Kwan is her so-call assistant, Ching (Annie Wu). Ching and Ferrari once met before. Ferrari and Ching were going out on a date. Ching asked Ferrari wait for her to come, she never did. Later, he learned Ching had swindled him.

The group (Ferrari, Bastardly Sze, and Paulina) are following fake Swindler Wong's daughter to the boat. They have a plan to swindle her money. Ferrari pretends to be a priest. He asks Swindler Wong's daughter to donate $1 million for charity. During that time, Bastardly Sze is falling for Wu Sen Kwan. Paulina is jealous of Wu Sen Kwan because she likes Bastardly Sze. Sze feels bad in swindling Sen Kwan.

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