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Route 90 is a city route in Winnipeg, Manitoba, connecting the Perimeter Highway at PTH 7 and Bishop Grandin Blvd.

Route 90 is a north-south city arterial route. Route 90 starts as Brookside Boulevard at the northern stretch of the Perimeter Highway. South of Inkster Boulevard, Route 90 turns into Oak Point Highway. Between Selkirk Ave and the St. James Bridge, Route 90 is either King Edward Street (northern end) or Century Street (southern end) in both directions. Between Dublin Avenue and St. Matthews Avenue, it splits into two one-way streets: The southbound direction is King Edward Street, while the northbound direction is Century Street.

North the Assiniboine River, there is an interchange at Portage Avenue. Route 90 crosses the river via the St. James Bridge, and becomes Kenaston Boulevard. It is two lanes from the bridge to Taylor Avenue, and then widens to at least three lanes in each direction south of Taylor Avenue. The lanes curve at the western terminus of Bishop Grandin Boulevard (Route 165).

Construction is underway to extend Kenaston Boulevard south of Bishop Grandin Boulevard into the Waverley West neighbourhood. The speed limit along Route 90 ranges from 50 km/h (30 mph), along Kenaston Boulevard, to 80 km/h (50 mph) along Brookside Boulevard.