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Hettstedt Wipper.jpg
The Wipper at Hettstedt.
Origin Harz
Mouth Saale
51°47′14″N 11°43′6″E / 51.78722°N 11.71833°E / 51.78722; 11.71833Coordinates: 51°47′14″N 11°43′6″E / 51.78722°N 11.71833°E / 51.78722; 11.71833
Basin countries Germany
Length 85 km

The Wipper is a river in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, left tributary of the Saale and has a length of 85 km. The name is coming from the old German word "Uipparaha" which means "singing, bouncing river".

River course[edit]

The Wipper originates in the southeastern Harz, near Harzgerode at the bottom of Auerberg mountain. The Wipper joins the Saale in Bernburg.


The following rivers are tributaries of the Wipper:[1][2]

Towns on the Wipper[edit]

The following towns and cities lie along the Wipper:

Mills on the Wipper[edit]

  • Wippermühle in Wippra (today known as Mühlencafe)[3]
  • Kratzmühle between Friesdorf and Rammelburg, called after the first owner Nickel Kratz
  • Herrenmühle between Friesdorf and Rammelburg, (currently a garage) it used to be a hostel for ids
  • Klippmühle between Biesenrode and Vatterode:[4] In 1848 August Schumann bought a flour and saw mill, which was taken over by Reinhold Schumann in 1893. When the railroad to Wipperliese was built, he opened a pub.


  • 1994: Between April 12 and 13, 1994, a lot of rain fell in the lower Harz mountains causing flooding on the Wipper.


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