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Screenshot of Wippen In Windows Xp
Windows Xp Running Wippen
Initial release April 24, 2008; 6 years ago (2008-04-24)
Stable release 2.5.0 / April 23, 2011; 3 years ago (2011-04-23)
Development status Active development
Operating system Linux, Windows
Size 2 MiB
License MIT License (project itself), Proprietary (external components used)
Website wippien.com

Wippien is an open source, P2P, zero-configuration, VPN client, based on the proprietary software by WeOnlyDo. It emulates a local area network over an established Internet connection, directly linking computers behind NAT firewalls with little or no router configuration.

Wippien is similar to Hamachi but uses XMPP to manage user accounts, enabling features such as contact lists and avatars. Rather than Hamachi's "network" approach, Wippien allows users to directly connect to one another[citation needed].


  • Hamachi, a closed-source program, which offers approximately the same functions.
  • Tunngle, a closed-source program, which is designed specifically for gaming.
  • NeoRouter, a similar program, which is focusing on the network security features, such as built-in firewall, ACL and packet filtering.
  • Remobo, a closed-source program, with applications such as file transfer, LAN gameplay, secure file access, proxy browsing and support for running 3rd-party applications.

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