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Developer(s) Wireclub Media Inc.
Written in C#, JavaScript
Operating system Any
Type Social networking service
Website Wireclub.com

Wireclub is an internet chat service that allows users to communicate via private instant messaging, forums, blogs, and multi-user chat rooms that resemble IRC channels and support hundreds of simultaneous users. Although Wireclub neither requires or enforces persistent user identities, it is not an anonymous service like 4chan as it requires users to validate their e-mail addresses by clicking a link contained in a verification message before being granted access to all features made available by the service.


Wireclub is owned by Wireclub Media Inc, a privately held company founded in 2006 and based in Vancouver BC which is also known for having developed the world's first real-time web-based Twitter client.[1][2] Wireclub currently serves approximately 5 million users, most of them located in the United States and Canada[3] and facilitates the exchange of 3.2 million messages daily.[4]


Wireclub was built on top of Microsoft's ASP.NET web application framework and uses MongoDB for persistent storage.[5] Both Wireclub and TwitZap[1] are based on a custom complex event processing platform which is also available for third-party licensing.[4]

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