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WiND is a Web application targeted at Wireless community networks. It was created as a replacement for NodeDB for the members of Athens Wireless Metropolitan Network (AWMN) located in Athens, Greece.

WiND - Wireless Nodes Database
Wind logo.png
Developer(s) Nikolaos Nikalexis, Konstantinos Papadimitriou, Christos Petsas, Petros Moisiadis, Faidon Liambotis, John Kolovos
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Web Application
License GPL version 2
Website wind.cube.gr


WiND was created by a team of people and each piece of code remains under the copyright of their respective author.

WiND is Free Software, licensed under the GNU GPL.

Technical information[edit]

WiND is written in PHP and uses a MySQL backend for storing the data. Smarty is used as the template engine.


  • Supports multiple users and multiple nodes per user
  • User management: different access rights for each job
  • Stores all the node information a Wireless MAN will need: location, height, area, region, backbone & AP interfaces, roof view photos, subnets & hosts in a node etc.
  • Provides an easy (but powerful) way of searching for specific nodes
  • Using NASA's SRTM data, it graphs the line-of-sight (and Fresnel zone) between two nodes and calculates Free space loss for the distance between them
  • Uses Google Maps to show the nodes and their links on the map.
  • Can be used to manage the distribution of IP Ranges and forward/reverse DNS assigned to each node (Hostmaster)
  • Fully themeable interface (using simple (X)HTML templates)
  • Support for localization; Unicode/UTF-8 support
  • Integrates with BIND Nameserver for serving the DNS zones, PowerDNS integration planned
  • A WHOIS server is provided that serves the data using the WHOIS protocol

Future plans[edit]

  • Installation page
  • Administration page (SRTM file upload)
  • Peer notification on new link creation (BB or client)
  • Monitoring links using graphs (snmp data)
  • Monitoring of IP layer (pings, latency etc.)
  • Radio coverage (Google maps, Google earth)
  • PowerDNS integration
  • Statistics (new nodes, new links)
  • Action logging


Visit the WiND wiki page for additional information about the project.


WiND Bug Tracking System - powered by Trac.


You can find a working demo of a working development version at wind.sf.net.

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