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Wiretree in Austin Texas 2009.jpg
Wiretree from left to right R.Peroni, K.Peroni, Blanchard, Kaplan
Background information
Origin Austin, Texas, United States
Genres indie rock, post-punk, singer-songwriter
Years active 2005–present
Labels Cobaltworks Records (US)
Website Official website
Members Kevin Peroni
Joshua Kaplan
Rachel Peroni
Daniel Blanchard
Past members Carlos Villarreal
Benjamin Portnoy

Wiretree is an American indie pop/indie rock band from Austin, Texas. Initially a solo project based on Kevin Peroni's homemade recordings, Wiretree now currently also includes Joshua Kaplan on guitar, Rachel Peroni on bass and Daniel Blanchard on drums. Their music draws influence from british rock, indie, singer songwriter, jazz with home-based recording and song structures.[1] The band played one of the largest festivals in China, The Strawberry Festival in the Spring of 2013. Their fourth album, "Get Up" was released 2013.


Initially working under the pseudonym Wiretree, Kevin Peroni self-produced and performed the full-length album, Bouldin in 2007. The album's track, Big Coat was featured on the PBS series Roadtrip Nation.[2] After the release of Bouldin, Peroni recruited Joshua Kaplan on guitar, Rachel Peroni on bass and Daniel Blanchard on drums to solidify the project. The group released their second effort Luck in 2009 while being named Best kept secret by Blurt Magazine.[3] The Canadian Television series Heartland featured Wiretree's song Whirl In early 2011.[4] On January 26, 2011, the band was recorded on Austin City Limits Satellite Sets[5] for KLRU. In 2013, Wiretree was featured in the season 2 finale of the PBS show, Hardly Sound and the band has an official SXSW showcase in 2014.


  • Kevin Peroni – vocals, guitar, piano
  • Joshua Kaplan – guitar
  • Rachel Peroni – bass
  • Daniel Blanchard - drums, percussion


Studio albums[edit]

  • Bouldin LP (US, 2007) Cobaltworks Music
  • Luck LP (US, 2009) Cobaltworks Music
  • Make Up LP (US, 2011) Cobaltworks Music
  • Get Up LP (US, 2013) Cobaltworks Music


  • Self Titled EP|Self Titled (2005) Self-released

Used in Film/TV[edit]

  • The song Out of my mind was used in the CBS series Person of Interest in the Spring of 2014
  • The song When You Were Young was used in the CTV series Played late 2013
  • The song Big Coat was used in episode 4 of Roadtrip Nation in 2008, broadcast on PBS.
  • The song Get Up was used in season 4 episode 9 of The Listener on June 17, 2013, broadcast on CTV
  • The song Whirl was used in season 4 episode 11 of Heartland in early 2011, broadcast on CTV


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