Wisconsin (statue)

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Lady Wisconsin.jpg
Artist Daniel Chester French
Year 1920 (1920)
Dimensions 470 cm (185 in)
Location Madison, Wisconsin
Coordinates 43°4′28″N 89°23′5″W / 43.07444°N 89.38472°W / 43.07444; -89.38472

Wisconsin on top of the Wisconsin Capitol Building created by Daniel Chester French.

The Wisconsin statue on the dome was sculpted during 1920 by Daniel Chester French of New York.

Initially the statue of Wisconsin on the top of the dome was promised to Helen Farnsworth Mears but when Daniel Chester French agreed to produce the finial figure, the commission was switched to him. This work, often referred to as the "Golden Lady," consists of an allegorical figure reminiscent of Athena, dressed in Greek garb, her right arm outstretched to symbolize the state motto, "Forward", and wearing a helmet topped by a badger, the Wisconsin state totem. In the left hand it holds a globe with an eagle perched on top. Across the eagle's chest is a large W, for Wisconsin, a detail hard to discern. "Wisconsin" is 15 feet, 5 inches tall and weighs three tons. The lady is also in a mural in the House of Representatives.