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This article is about the series of novels. For the mobile application, see Wisely (mobile application).

Wisely series (Chinese: 衛斯理 (Wai Si Li)), sometimes transliterated "Wesley", is a series of novels about the fictional character of the same name, created by author Ni Kuang.

There are currently 145 Wisely stories, with 136 authored by Ni Kuang. After Ni Kuang's retirement, a Wisely Memoir (衛斯理回憶錄) series was authored by Dr. Yeh, Leehwa, attempting to explain the internal inconsistencies of the previous stories written by Ni Kuang.

The Wai Si Li stories are written as a first person narrative, the concept being that the Wisely series was created as a record of his adventures and encounters.


Wisely is a legendary character that has many strange encounters. Born into a wealthy and traditional big family, somewhere in the south-eastern region of the Yangtze River. After he grew up he moved to Hong Kong and married the daughter of the head of an underground society.

In the course of his adventures he has visited Earth's core, heaven, hell, the future and alien planets. He has met extraterrestrials, transparent people, seers, and other strange beings. He meets his love, Bai Su (a.k.a. Pai Su or Pak Sue), during his adventuring days, and later searches for his long lost daughter. In the end, due to the influence of his friend Wen Baoyu, he decided to take his family to live on other planet.[citation needed]

Wisely lives in modern ages (1960s-2000s), and lives in Hong Kong (although it is not stated explicitly, it can be deduced from the stories).

Family Tree of Wisely[edit]

(The Grandfather of Wei)
(陳天豪 (Chen Tianhao))
Wisely's Mother (From Wong's Family)
Wisely's Father
衛七 (Wei Qi)
Bai Su's Step Mother[citation needed]
白老大 (Brother Bai)
陳月蘭 (Chen Yuelan)
溫伯如 (Wen Boru)
Wen Baoyu's Mother (From Song's Family)
曹普照 (Cao Puzhao)
Wong's Mother
Wong's Father
Wisely's Uncles
Gao's Father
Gao's Mother
韓三 (Han San)
陳月梅 (Chen Yuemei)
何先達 (He Xianda)
宋自然 (Song Ziran)
宋富 (Song Fu)
王红红 (Wang Honghong)
王居風 (Wang Jufeng)
高彩虹 (Gao Caihong)
白奇偉 (Bai Qiwei)
何藍絲 (He Lansi)
溫寶裕 (Wen Baoyu)
宋堅 (Song Jian)
衛斯理 (Wisely)
白素 (Pai Su)
曹世雄 (Cao Shixiong)
衛紅綾 (Wei Hongling)
曹金福 (Cao Jinfu)
仲大雅 (Zhong Daya)
曹銀雪 (Cao Yinxue)
Married Couples/Lovers


The novel series has spawned several films, television series, novels and comic books. Wisely is portrayed differently in every version.

Comic book series[edit]

  • The Adventures of Wisely (8 volumes) is published by Asiapac Singapore. In this series Wisely works as a slightly nerdy export company (who doesn't know anything about exporting business, or any business for that matter - he leaves everything to his employees ) and an adventurer, accompanied by his wife Pai Su.
  • The Legend of Wesley Z takes place in an alternate fantasy future, where Wesley is a retired warlord who is in a personal war with his son.


Television series[edit]

  • The New Adventures of Wisely (starring Michael Tao). In this series Wisely is a citizen of Coral Island who co-owns an export/import company. He deals with unexplained phenomena despite his skeptical mind.
  • Wisely, The King of Adventure (starring Nicky Wu) takes place in a fantasy martial art world.
  • The 'W' Files (starring Gallen Lo). The series is set in the 1930s.

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