Witch Wood

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Witch Wood
Witch wood.jpg
1st edition dust jacket
Author John Buchan
Country Scotland
Language English, Lowland Scots
Genre Historical novel
Publisher Hodder and Stoughton
Publication date
Media type Print (Hardcover)

Witch Wood is a 1927 novel written by the Scots author and politician John Buchan. It is set in the 17th century, at the time of the Wars of the Three Kingdoms. The protagonist, David Semphill, is a newly-ordained minister of the Church of Scotland, who has recently arrived in the parish of Woodilee, in the Scottish Borders.[1]

Witch Wood revolves around a group of witches, and according to the historian Ronald Hutton, was based upon the Witch-cult hypothesis of the anthropologist Margaret Murray.[2] It was subsequently adapted into a 4-part BBC television series in 1964.[3]

Witch Wood has been described as "a masterful tale of godliness in conflict with wickedness."[4]


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