With U (EP)

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With U
EP by Big Bang
Released May 28, 2008
Genre K-Pop, R&B, Hip Hop
Length 26:55
Language Japanese, English
Label YG Entertainment
Big Bang chronology
For the World
With U
Stand Up (EP)
Singles from With U
  1. "With U"

With U is the second Japanese mini-album by Big Bang, released on May 28, 2008.[1][2]


No. Title Length
1. "Intro - With U"   1:08
2. "With U (English version)"   3:01
3. "Baby Baby (English version of "Last Farewell" ("마지막 인사", "Majimak Insa"))"   3:53
4. "This Love (English version) (G-Dragon solo)"   3:30
5. "Mad About You (Japanese version of "Fool" ("바보", "Babo"))"   3:46
6. "We Belong Together (English version) (featuring Park Bom Of 2NE1)"   3:59
7. "Shake It (English version of "Shake It" ("흔들어", "Heundeureo")) (featuring Lee Eun-ju Of Moo Ga Dang)"   3:45
8. "My Girl (Japanese version of "Ma Girl") (Taeyang solo)"   3:49


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