Wizard of the Pigeons

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Wizard of the Pigeons
Wizard of the Pigeons (Megan Lindholm novel - front cover).jpg
First edition cover
Author Megan Lindholm
Cover artist Robert Gould
Country United States
Language English
Publisher Ace Books
Publication date
January 28, 1986
Pages 214
ISBN 0-441-89467-4

Wizard of the Pigeons is a 1985 urban fantasy novel set in Seattle, Washington by Megan Lindholm, issued as a paperback original by Ace Books and reprinted in hardcover by Hypatia Press in 1994. Several UK editions have also been published. The book deals delicately with many serious topics such as homelessness, poverty, and mental illness, asking more questions than it answers.

The novel is often classified as modern Arthurian fantasy, with the title character identified with Merlin Ambrosius.[1] This book is often cited as an example of good urban fantasy.[need quotation to verify] Roger Zelazny called it "terrific".


The plot focuses on the homeless character 'Wizard' and his battle with a malignant force from his forgotten past.[2] In order to survive, Wizard must rely on his powerful gift of 'Knowing'. This allows him to know the truth of things, to receive fortunes and to reveal to people the answers to their troubles. Aiding him in his battle for survival is the enigmatic 'Cassie' and several other people from the streets.


Orson Scott Card praised the novel as "miraculously good" (although he faulted the ending); he described it as "so real, so original, you won't regret buying it and reading it."[3]


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