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Type Private
Industry Game development
Founded April 1999 [1]
Headquarters Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Products MapleStory, QuizQuiz, Heat Project, Kavatina Story
Revenue Increase.15 million USD per year
Employees 100
Parent Nexon
Website www.wizet.net (Redirects to www.nexon.net)

Wizet (Korean: 위젯) is a game development studio located in Seoul, South Korea, and is popular for its hit game, MapleStory. Wizet developed a franchise system and expanded its services to Japan, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, the USA, Europe, Brazil, and Vietnam. Eventually, Wizet reached the global world after having finished developing key features of MapleStory. In Nexon Japans 2011 Financial deck, Wizet announced that Maplestory 2 is in development, and seems to be a 3D game, similar to Monster Planet.


Prior to joining Nexon America, Min Kim operated the successful launch of Maplestory as the Vice President of Global Business Development in Wizet Corporation. Min started his career in video games as a senior associate of business development at Nexon Corporation pursuing new business opportunities such as a social networking service, a board game business, and online game licensing, eventually becoming the Vice President, and later CEO, of the Nexon America branch.[1]

Franchise system[edit]

Wizet has developed a franchise system, similar to how McDonald's and Subway are run, in order to massively sell MapleStory to an international, multilingual community.[citation needed]


Main article: MapleStory

The expansion of Wizet to the Global world of MapleStory began in January 2004. The open beta testing began in September 2004. MapleStory is one of the largest MMORPGs in the world.[citation needed]

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