Wodehouse Playhouse

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Wodehouse Playhouse
Genre Comedy
Written by P.G. Wodehouse
David Climie
Starring John Alderton
Pauline Collins
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of series 3 + pilot
No. of episodes 21 (list of episodes)
Location(s) England, United Kingdom
Running time 30 minutes
Original channel BBC2
Original release 9 July 1974 – 12 December 1978

Wodehouse Playhouse is a British television comedy series based on the short stories of P. G. Wodehouse. From 1974 to 1978, three series and a pilot were made, with 21 half-hour episodes altogether in the entire series.


P. G. Wodehouse introduced the episodes in the first and second series, shortly before his death.

With the exception of the pilot, John Alderton featured in all episodes, and his wife Pauline Collins was in all of the episodes in the first and second series. Geraldine Newman was featured in the first series. Sally Thomsett and Liza Goddard were among the actresses who were featured during the third series.

Through successive episodes, we see Alderton and Collins taking on different roles, usually with different costumes and make-up, often playing different members of the remarkable Mullinar family. The repertory theatre skills of the entire cast (including Sidney Taffler as a Hollywood movie mogul in a couple of episodes, notably "The Nodder"), adopting different accents (British or American), and social mannerisms (including the more bizarre antics of members of the Drones Club as they sip their drinks and utter ritual club phrases), provide great amusement.

Importantly, the screen-writing, acting, and costume and set-production values ensure that Wodehouse's funny stories are faithfully and vividly brought to life.



  1. "The Reverent Wooing of Archibald" 9 July 1974 (lost[1])

Series 1[edit]

  1. "The Truth About George" 23 April 1975
  2. "Romance at Droitgate" 30 April 1975
  3. "Portrait of a Disciplinarian" 7 May 1975
  4. "Unpleasantness at Bludleigh Court" 14 May 1975
  5. "The Rise of Minna Nordstrom" 21 May 1975
  6. "Rodney Fails to Qualify" 28 May 1975
  7. "A Voice From the Past" 4 June 1975

Series 2[edit]

  1. "Anselm Gets His Chance" 26 March 1976
  2. "Mr. Potter Takes a Rest Cure" 2 April 1976
  3. "Strychnine in the Soup" 9 April 1976
  4. "Feet of Clay" 23 April 1976
  5. "The Nodder" 30 April 1976
  6. "The Code of the Mulliners" 7 May 1976

Series 3[edit]

  1. "The Smile that Wins" 31 October 1978
  2. "Trouble Down at Tudsleigh" 7 November 1978
  3. "Tangled Hearts" 14 November 1978
  4. "The Luck of the Stiffhams" 21 November 1978
  5. "The Editor Regrets" 28 November 1978
  6. "Big Business" 5 December 1978
  7. "Mulliner's Buck-U-Uppo" 12 December 1978

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