Woke Up with a Monster

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For the Cheap Trick song, see Woke up with a Monster (song).
Woke up with a Monster
Studio album by Cheap Trick
Released March 22, 1994
Recorded 1991-1992
Genre Hard rock
Length 49:00
Label Warner Bros.
Producer Ted Templeman
Cheap Trick chronology
Woke Up With A Monster
Cheap Trick

Woke up with a Monster is an album by Cheap Trick released on Warner Bros. Records in 1994. It was their first and only album for the label, and peaked at US #123. The boost in sales is often accredited to the group's appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman to promote the album. By the time the album came out, there had been a variety of significant changes in the band, both musically and in appearance. The style of music is more on the "grunge" side, due to producer Ted Templeman's much criticized heavy-handed production, and unlike several albums that preceded it, it lacks the electronic instruments. Also, Rick Nielsen grew a once trademark goatee, and Robin Zander's voice also grew noticeably deeper. Shortly after the album's release, Cheap Trick was dropped from the Warner Brothers label. It contains songs co-written with Jim Peterik, Julian Raymond, Todd Cerney, and Mark Spiro. There were two videos shot for this LP; "Woke up with a Monster" and "You're All I Wanna Do." The band later released a CD only 'cutout' that also featured a live performance of the title track.

The album is now only available as a digital download at various online retailers.

Reportedly, Nielsen's favourite song from the album is "Tell Me Everything".[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "My Gang" (T. Petersson, R. Zander, R. Nielsen) - 4:22
  2. "Woke up with a Monster" (R. Nielsen, T. Petersson, R. Zander) - 4:32
  3. "You're All I Wanna Do" (R. Nielsen, T. Petersson, R. Zander, J. Peterik, J. Raymond, Terry Reid) - 4:03
  4. "Never Run Out Of Love" (R. Nielsen, J. Peterik) - 4:08
  5. "Didn't Know I Had It" (R. Nielsen, Todd Cerney) - 4:31
  6. "Ride The Pony" (R. Zander, Mark Spiro) - 4:31
  7. "Girlfriends" (R. Nielsen, T. Petersson, R. Zander, B. Carlos) - 4:32
  8. "Let Her Go" (Writers/Publishers still pending) - 4:28
  9. "Tell Me Everything" (T. Petersson, R. Nielsen, R. Zander, Michael McDonald, Julian Raymond) - 3:59
  10. "Cry Baby" (T. Petersson, R. Nielsen, R. Zander) - 4:18
  11. "Love Me For A Minute" (R. Zander, R. Nielsen, T. Petersson) - 4:12

Japanese version[edit]

  1. "Sabre Dance"

The band also recorded a cover of John Lennon's "Cold Turkey" during these sessions. It went to the Working Class Hero: A Tribute to John Lennon album while an alternate version was released on one of the Bun E.'s Basement Bootleg albums.


Unreleased outtakes[edit]

  • "Don't Blame It On Love"
  • "All Those Years" (Later re-recorded for the 2006 album Rockford)
  • "Down, Down" (Later re-recorded with different lyrics in 1996 as "Baby Talk" and released on the 7 inch single Baby Talk/Brontosaurus)

Critical Reception[edit]

Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars[2]
Billboard favorable[3]
Chicago Sun-Times 3/5 stars[4]
Chicago Tribune 2/4 stars[5]
Daily News (Kentucky) mixed[6]
Entertainment Weekly C+[7]
Rolling Stone 2/5 stars[8]

In the April 9, 1994, issue of Billboard, a review of the album stated "This veteran band has always worked best when it's worked without a net - turning out slightly loose and loopy songs cut through with a frenetic rock edge. "Monster," with the expected mix of pleasantly rocking power ballads ("Never Run Out of Love," "You're All I Wanna Do," and catchy "Tell Me Everything") and pounding stompers ("My Gang"), isn't the band at its best, but there are flashes of that earlier edge in "Woke Up with a Monster" and the sexy little romp "Ride the Pony."[3]

In the December 24, 1994, issue of Billboard, the song was mentioned in "The Critics' Choice" section, where the magazine's editors and writers chose their top 10 records, videos and live concerts of 1994. Ed Christman, the magazine's senior retail editor, listed the album as one of his top ten albums for that year.[9]

Chart performance[edit]

Chart (1994) Peak
U.S. Billboard 200[10][11] 123 2


  • Robin Zander - lead vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Rick Nielsen - lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Tom Petersson - bass, backing vocals
  • Bun E. Carlos - drums, percussion

Additional personnel[edit]

  • Ted Templeman - Producer
  • Joanie Parker - Production Coordinator
  • Lenny Waronker - Executive Producer
  • Jeff Hendrickson - Engineer
  • Bino Espinoza - Assistant Engineer
  • Judy Kirschner - Assistant Engineer
  • Kenji Nakai - Assistant Engineer
  • Kimm James - Assistant Engineer
  • Scott Blockland - Assistant Engineer
  • Ulrich Wild - Assistant Engineer
  • George Marino - Masterer
  • Dave Wilmer - Guitar Technician
  • Chuck Elias - Drum Technician
  • Ken Adamany - Management
  • Mike Herl - Coordinator Management
  • Jimmie Wood - Harmonica (Special Guest)
  • Roberta Petersen - A&R Direction
  • Jeri Heiden - Art Direction, Design