Wolf Girl

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Blood Moon/Wolf Girl
Directed by Thom Fitzgerald
Written by Lori Lansens
Starring Grace Jones
Tim Curry
Victoria Sanchez
Lesley Ann Warren
Release dates
Running time
97 min
Language English

Wolf Girl (alternate title Blood Moon) is a 2001 Canadian/American horror thriller about a girl who travels with a freak show because of her rare genetic disorder called hypertrichosis.


Teenage girl Tara has a disease and hair growing all over her body and her face. She was born into a travelling Freak show circus and is the main attraction as Wolf Girl. Tara, often ridiculed by local teens, finds a friend in Ryan whose mother happens to work on an experimental depilatory treatment. Desperately longing to be normal, Tara starts to secretly inject herself with the drug, but unaware of the dangerous side effects... The animal within starts to reveal itself.



  • Scott McClelland, who played The Amazing Pin Cushion, is actually a professional sideshow performer, and runs a show called Carnival Diablo.

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