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Wolfgang Meuslin (also known as Musculus;[1] 1497–1563) was a 16th-century German monk and hymn writer. He was born in Dieuze in Lorraine, now France, and became a monk and a Catholic priest, and later an Evangelical pastor in Dorlisheim in Alsace.[2] He became active in the Reformation movement in Augsburg in the 1530s and was pastor of the Church of the Holy Cross in Augsburg and later became pastor at the Strasbourg Cathedral in 1539.[3][2] After 1548 he became a professor of theology in Bern and died there in 1563.[2]

J. S. Bach used Meuslin's 1530 hymn, a paraphrase of Psalm 23, as the text for his chorale cantata Der Herr ist mein getreuer Hirt, BWV 112, which he first performed in Leipzig in 1731.[4][2]


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