Wolfie the Seawolf

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Wolfie Seawolf
University Stony Brook University
Conference America East
Description Mythical creature
Origin of name Winning entry in competition
First seen 1995

Wolfie the Seawolf is the mascot of Stony Brook University. Wolfie is based on a mythical creature called the Seawolf. The school's athletic teams are called the Seawolves. The name Seawolves (previously known as the Soundmen, Baymen, and Patriots) was chosen in the mid-1990s as Stony Brook anticipated a rise of to Division I. The Seawolf was said to be a mythical creature from the Tlingit tribe which brought good luck to those able to see it. Wolfie has been the mascot ever since and is commonly seen at all the athletic games of the University. He also appears at other school events and make appearances at events across Long Island.

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