Wollomombi Falls

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Wollomombi Falls and Chandler Falls (on right)
View from Edgar's Lookout, Wollomombi, NSW

Wollomombi Falls (pronounced 'walla mom bee'), from an Aboriginal word, are located in the Oxley Wild Rivers National Park, 40 km due east of Armidale, New South Wales and 1 km off the Waterfall Way.

At one time they were believed to be the tallest in Australia. However, recent geographical revisions place them at second or third tallest, depending on the source, after Tin Mine Falls (New South Wales) and Wallaman Falls (near Ingham, Queensland). The Chandler Falls are located to the right of the Wollomombi Falls when viewed from the main lookout. The Wollomombi Falls are formed from the Wollomombi River and the Chandler Falls are formed by the Chandler River. The Wollomomobi Falls joins the Chandler river at the base of the gorge. The rivers Chandler River is itself a tributary of the Macleay River.

From the very top to the very bottom the height is approx 220 metres although its biggest drop where the water "falls" is only 100 m.

The National Parks and Wildlife Service has constructed two walking tracks. The first, the Chandler Walk, is only for the fit and healthy. This route passes Checks Lookout before reaching the Chandler Lookout and then winding down to the bottom of the gorge downstream from the falls. Checks Lookout is about a third of the way along this walk with a view back along the gorge to the falls. At the end of the track 400 metres below the top of the gorge one can explore the river or swim in one of the many deeper pools.

The second track, the Wollomombi Walk takes the walker upstream past a lookout platform and across the Wollomombi River on a long steel bridge. The river can be explored at this point. The track continues to another lookout platform which looks down on the falls from the opposite side of the gorge. A further extension of the track ends at a platform with spectacular views into the Chandler River gorge which joins the Wollomombi Gorge.

Edgars Lookout provides an easily accessible view of the gorge on the western side of the Falls lookouts.

Facilities include drinking water, pit toilets, shelter shed, fireplace and bush camping sites are available for overnight stays. An excellent information display is also provided.

Coordinates: 30°31′56″S 152°02′23″E / 30.532121°S 152.039752°E / -30.532121; 152.039752

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