Wolstenholme Fjord

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The Wolstenholme Fjord is located in the far northwest of Greenland, to the north of the Thule Air Base and adjacent to North Star Bay. The fjord is impressive due to its waters being fed by four large glaciers, and for this reason is sometimes referred to as "the world's largest ice machine".[citation needed] The glaciers are the Salisbury Glacier, the Chamberlin Glacier, the Knud Rasmussen Glacier, and the Harald Moltke Glacier.

The area was contaminated in 1968 with Plutonium and other radioactive elements following a B-52 bomber crash.[1]


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Coordinates: 76°37′55″N 68°38′15″W / 76.63194°N 68.63750°W / 76.63194; -68.63750