Woman Hollering Creek

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Woman Hollering Creek is a creek located in Central Texas. At one point, it crosses Interstate 10, between Seguin, Texas and San Antonio, Texas. Early 1900 maps of San Antonio, Texas lists this creek as being called "Nigger Hollow." Later being changed to "Woman Hollering Creek." The creek's name is probably a loose translation of the Spanish La Llorona, or "The weeping woman". According to legend, a woman who has recently given birth drowns her newborn in the river because the father of the child either does not want it, or leaves with a different woman. The woman then screams in anguish from drowning her child. After her death, her spirit then haunts the location of the drowning and wails in misery. The legend has many different variations and there have even been occasional sightings of the restless woman's spirit. The legend also states that if you get too close to the water, the hollering woman will drag you in, hoping you are her child.

Author and poet Sandra Cisneros wrote a collection of short stories entitled Woman Hollering Creek and Other Stories in 1991.

The creek is the subject of the song "River Called Woman Hollering" by the Electric Boy Rangers.

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