Women's Party (Poland)

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Women's Party
Leader Iwona Piątek
Founded 11 January 2007
Headquarters Kanonia 24/26
lok. 2, 00-278 Warsaw
Ideology Feminism
Political position Centre left
Colours Blue
0 / 460
0 / 100
European Parliament
0 / 51
Politics of Poland
Political parties

The Women's Party (Polish: Partia Kobiet, PK) is a Polish political party which claims to represent the interests and concerns of women. It was registered on 11 January 2007 and is led by the well-known author Manuela Gretkowska. In the 21 October 2007 National Assembly election, the party won 0.28% of the popular vote and no seats in the Sejm or the Senate of Poland.

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